Other Products
Ultra-precision Mounted Point(CBN & Diamond)
FSK's products see action in the various production field including transportation equipment,
the most prominent being automobiles, as well as electronic equipment and bearings.In
particular, we meet a variety of needs in the internal grinding field, which requires a high level
of tolerance.
Share of Mounted Points.
With general-use mounted points and CBN/diamond mounted points together making up 600 kinds of mounted wheels in standard stock,we are ready for immediate delivery.From general grinding to precision finishing.Our unrivaled product line and speedy service,our customers' ideas take shape.

Conventional Precision Grinding Field.
Our product range start from 0.8mm to any size depending on client needs.One of our strong field for miniature bearing industries, both race and bore.We also can offer you from stainless steel to tungsten carbide shank which can be returned to re-work the grinding stone.

Skilled Abrasive Tool Design.
Using our skills and know-how accumulated over long years , we have created a " Bond System" to control our binder.By choosing the optimum binder for a given set of processing conditions, we are manufactuiring abrasive tools that meet the needs of our customers. While at the same time doubling tool performance. we continue our research and development to further improve tolerances.

The Preferred Honing Tools.
We design and manufacture honing tools to match the product being honed and the machine being used so that under every condition, 100% performance is brought to bear.With thorough support to meet our customers needs, e.g. the requirements of 1.5mm minimum small-bore ID honing;we will bring sbout tolerances such as a circularity of less than 0.5µm and a cylindricity of less than 1.0µm.

Deburring Tools.
We, FSK Inc., are selecting the most suitable item from various types of deburring tools, to solve the deburring operation for any types of operation process. Especially our Electroplated Diamond Slit Pin applied to the burr at the internal hole process, we offer you our own design and made to order product with our original know how to meet your own operation step.